Sunday, 14 April 2013

Copying Master Paintings at the Met

A couple of weeks ago myself and a few fellow students from the Grand Central Academy got permission to copy from master paintings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.
This was a great opportunity to really get close to a master painting and understand what the artist was thinking when they made it.
I chose a portrait by Jean Baptiste Greuze to copy. Here it is partly finished.

                                     I should be able to get back to the Met soon and finish it.


  1. Wonderful work. It looks like you are being painted by the painting in the far right. : )

    1. Thanks Jose, You're right, I didn't realize that! I hope I stayed still enough for her to paint me.

  2. Nice work! How did you go about getting permission to go in to copy the painting? I've been trying myself..

  3. Thanks Kristi, I did it as part of the Grand Central Academy. It seems to be a bit easier if you're affiliated with a school or group.
    The National Academy and the Art Students League sometimes have copying classes that you can join. Having said that, I did see quite a few individuals copying there too.
    Good luck with it.